July 15 City Council Highlights

July 21, 2020

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  • 100 South: Max Pierce of CRS Engineers updated the Council on the status of the engineering work for 100 South improvements
  • Green Waste: Several options were discussed regarding the Green Waste bins that have been located at Von’s Park. Most members of the Council were in favor of keeping the bins there all year and charging a fee of $1.50 per household on the utility bill to pay for it (this was called option #3 in the discussion). No vote was taken at this stage.
  • Parks: The Council approved a letter of intent to purchase a new park property in the general area of 1000 S and 300 E. The Council also accepted a proposal by MHTN Architects to create a parks and recreation continuous improvement master plan.
  • Fiber optic internet: The Council decided to proceed with a project to install fiber optic internet capability throughout Providence. They approved the creation of a Request for Proposal for the design work of the fiber optic system, and agreed that Ryan Snow, City Manager, should seek out information on loans to finance the project. The Council discussed two main options for project revenue: the utility option, where all Providence residents would be charged a base fee on their utility bill and also would receive basic internet (with the option to upgrade to higher speeds), or the subscriber model, where only subscribers would be charged. No decision between these models was made at this time.
  • City Celebration: Some Council members felt that the celebration should be cancelled due to COVID-19. No decision was made at this time.

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