Annexation Notices

Notice of Request for Disconnection

Legal Notice is hereby given that Steve Simmons and Howard Creed petition Providence City to disconnect the northern portion of their legal recorded parcels 02-117-0033 and 02-117-0023 totaling to 0.40 of an acre and measuring about 356 feet in length and 56 feet in width from Providence City. The land in question located at 210 East 2100 south, Cache County, Utah.   Notice prepared by Steve Simmons

Notice of Public Hearing: Prior to making a decision on granting the request disconnect the property, the City Council is holding a public hearing. The purpose of the public hearing is to provide an opportunity for anyone interested to comment on the disconnection before action is taken. The City Council invites you to attend the hearing in order to offer your comments.

Parcel No. 02096-0058 (Champlin Development)

Application for Annexation
Petition for Annexation
Annexation Plat
Utility Proposal
Notice of Certification
Notice of Petition of Annexation
Public Hearing Notice

Parcel No.s 02-004-0001 & 02-004-0002 (Ridgeview Park/Chugg Property)

Application and Petition for Annexation
Map for Annexation
Notice of Certification of Petition for Annexation
Notice of Petition for Annexation

Theurer, Guymon, Stauffer

On July 10, 2018, the Providence City Council adopted Resolution 023-2018 a resolution accepting for further consideration an annexation petition filed by Josh Barnett on behalf of Stephan Guymon, Theurer Land Company, and Gary Stauffer. The property described in the annexation petition, Parcel No.s 02-117-0015, 02-117-0019, and 02-124-0009, is located adjacent to the south boundary of Providence City in the general area of 645 South 200 West, Providence UT.
Petition for Annexation; Annexation PlatCertification of Petition; Notice of Petition for Annexation

The County and the City Recorder have received protests against this annexation.

Petition for Annexation Parcel No. 02-004-0012

Annexation petition filed by Gregory B. Gittins on behalf of the Shirley A Henderson Trust, for Parcel No. 02-004-0012 located adjacent to the north boundary of Providence City in the general area of 400 East 500 North
Parcel No. 02-004-0012 Annexation Plat
Parcel No. 02-004-0012 Notice of Certification of Petition
Parcel No. 02-004-0012 Notice of Petition of Annexation

Parcel No. 02-004-0003 (Chugg Property)

Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Notice of Petition for Annexation
Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Notice of Certification of Petition of Annexation
Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Petition for Annexation
Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Survey Map
Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Parcel Zoning Viewer Map
Parcel No. 02-004-0003 – Feasibility Study

Gina and Mark Thompson approximately 500 W 500 S – December 21, 2016

Gina and Mark Thompson – Notice of Petition for Annexation
Gina and Mark Thompson – Certification of Petition for Annexation
Gina and Mark Thompson – Petition for Annexation
Gina and Mark Thompson – Map for Annexation
Gina and Mark Thompson – Cache County Review of Petition for Annexation

Logan Extermination – January 25, 2016

Logan Extermination Annexation Petition.
Logan Extermination Notice of Certification of Petition. 
Logan Extermination Notice of Petition for Annexation.

500 North Providence (800 South Cache County) east of 300 East Providence – December 2, 2015

Notice of Certification of Petition for Annexation
Notice of Petition for Annexation
Annexation Map

Members First (Approximately 65 North HWY165) December 8, 2015

Notice of Certification of Annexation Petition
Notice of Petition for Annexation

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