Announcement: Due to the city celebration, there will be no funeral services on October 12th, 2019. The cemetery will continue to be open for visits during regular hours.

The Providence City Cemetery is located at 925 River Heights Blvd, River Heights, UT 84321.

All fees are flat rate

Burial Space*


Open/Close Weekday


Open/Close Saturday


Infant Open/Close Weekday


Infant Open/Close Saturday


Cremation Open/Close Weekday**


Cremation Open/Close Saturday**


Certificate Transfer


Upright Headstone Install


Flat Headstone Install


*Purchase of cemetery lot spaces shall be limited to eight (8) spaces per household.

**Two cremations may be placed in a single space.

Only one monument is allowed per space.
No burials are done on Sunday or holidays.
All burials are required to be placed in a vault.

Contact Information:

Cemetery Office Specialist – Esther Cowley 435-752-9441
Cemetery Sexton – Shane Hansen 435-994-0953

For a Providence City Cemetery map, please click here.
For a search of the cemetery, click here.

Providence City Code Title 7 Chapter 4 Cemetery

Title 7 Chapter 4 Cemetery

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