Community Development

We’d Like Your Help With Our General Plan Update

What is your vision for Providence City? Providence is working with CRSA on a comprehensive update of our General Plan. We would like your input.
Please visit www.PlanProvidence.com
General Plan DRAFT as of July 12, 2019

Building or Remodeling?

Providence City contracts with outside agencies for plan review and inspections.
Prior to building or remodeling any structure in Providence City, please submit the appropriate zoning permit application from our Maps and Forms page to the Providence City Office Specialist for Zoning Compliance. If your structure involves connecting to the City’s culinary water system please complete the water system connection form in your application packet. If your structure involves connecting to the City’s sanitary sewer system, please complete the sewer system connection form in your application.

For questions about permits, please call our office and ask for:

  • Diane Campbell – subdivisions, commercial development, conditional uses, multi-family development
  • April Fredrickson – remodels, new homes, accessory buildings, storm water

Building a fence? Please review our City Code – Fence Regulations and Fences in Commercial ZonesFence Questions and Answers, and our Clear View Detail.

Land Use / Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for guiding developers and land owners through the process of development within Providence City, particularly the subdivision of land. It also oversees the use of land in various zones to promote orderly development. The Planning Division is instrumental in interpreting the zoning code, applying zoning codes, and providing zoning information.

To apply for annexation, code amendment, concept plan, conditional use, final plat, general plan amendment, preliminary plat, rezone, right of way vacation, sign, or site plan, or for any other questions or concerns, call 752-9441 or come in to the Providence City Office at 164 North Gateway Drive, Providence. Applications can be found on our Maps and Forms page. For questions, contact:

  • Skarlet Bankhead, Administrative Services Director, ext. 212
  • Diane Campbell, Office Specialist
    • Zoning Compliance
    • Development Applications

(Planning Commission Information)

Before applications are sent to the Planning Commission, they are reviewed by City executive staff. Executive Staff meets each Wednesday (as needed). New applications must be received at least seven days before the meeting when they will be distributed. They will be reviewed one week after they are distributed (at least two weeks from the date received).  Answers to review comments must be received, at the City Office, seven days prior to the meeting when they will be reconsidered. For more information on this process, click here.

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