Logan Landfill Reminders

Please have your waste containers out to the curb by 7:00 am. Also, please keep the lid closed to your waste containers, specifically recycle containers so rain or snow does not damage the recyclables. For questions or concerns please visit our website www.loganutah.org or call 435-716-9755.

Green Waste Collection

Please be aware that the Green Waste collection programs (curbside and city drop-sites) will be ending for the winter months. Curbside services will end starting the third week of November with the last pick-up being on your regular waste collection day. The city dropsite roll-off containers will be pulled generally the third week of November, as well. The GreenWaste facility located at the Logan Landfill does not close for the winter. Green waste material includes: grass, leaves, hay, branches, straw, non-invasive weeds and garden produce such as pumpkins. Manure should not be placed in any collection container but rather brought to the Greenwaste Facility. For questions or concerns please call the Environmental Department at 716-9755.

Backflow prevention required

Backflow prevention programs are required to assure safe water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Your plumbing system is tied into the community water system. Providence City’s part is to regulate the public water system and ensure safety measures are taken to protect public drinking water. You must protect your system from thermal expansion after installing a backflow preventer at the service entrance. Use either an expansion tank or an anti-siphon ball cock assembly with relief feature. Detailed descriptions of these systems are available at the City Office.

Tree Trimming

Be aware that trees located in the City right-of-way are not to be trimmed or removed without authorization from the City. 

Animal Control

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office is now providing animal control services to Providence City. If you have animal problems in your area, please contact Dispatch at 753-7555.

Utility Payment Deadline – Due Date – 20th of the Month

Utility payments dropped off after 2:00 p.m. on any given day will be credited to the following day. This means that a payment made after 2:00 p.m. on the last day of the month will not be credited to the current month, but will be applied to the following month. 

Building Permits Required

If you are planning on doing any remodeling to your home that requires changes in electrical or plumbing, you need to get a building permit. You also need a permit for major structural changes, additions, roof changes, decks, out buildings, garages or basement finishing. If you are uncertain whether or not you need a permit, contact Skarlet Bankhead or Mindi Petersen at 752-9441. 

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