New Flood Maps for Cache County

March 15, 2022

Unincorporated Cache County, Town of Clarkston, City of Hyde Park, City of Hyrum City, City of Logan, City of Mendon, City of Millville, City of Nibley, Town of Paradise, City of Providence, City of Richmond, City of River Heights, City of Smithfield, and City of Wellsville are getting new FEMA flood maps.

Unincorporated Cache County, and incorporated cities and towns, in coordination with the Utah Division of Emergency Management and FEMA, are getting updated flood maps for portions of Bird Creek Tributary 1, Bird Creek Tributary 2, Cherry Creek, City Creek, Hell Canyon Creek, Hyde Park Canyon, Hyrum Slough North, Hyrum Slough South, Little Bear River Narrow Canyon Creek, Saddleback Road Spring, Spring City Creek, Spring Creek, Summit Creek, Wellsville Canyon Creek, Wellsville Creek, Wide Canyon, and Wide Canyon Tributary 1 within the county. The new maps will show how your flood risk and insurance rates may change.

Homeowners and businesses, in conjunction with their community officials, will have 90 days (Tuesday, June 13th) to appeal technical data showing a proposed flood zone, zone boundary, floodway, or Base Flood Elevation (BFE) are scientifically incorrect.

Learn more about Cache County’s Flood Insurance Rate Map and insurance information by viewing the project website at  https://cache-county-risk-map-document-repository-utah-em.hub.arcgis.com/ or going to fema.gov and looking for the Map Service Center. Or for more information click (HERE)

Last modified: May 5, 2022

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