Business Licenses

CLICK HERE TO APPLY AND PAY ONLINE. Scroll down the application list to Business License. If you have a professional license, please upload a copy with your application.
Please check our Use Chart, if your type of business has a box with a C, please file a conditional use application along with your business license application.

Anyone operating a business in their home, or in a separate building, or an Internet business where the office is out of the residence needs a business license. Each license is good from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. New licenses are due on Jan. 1 with a late fee added February 1, and a second penalty added on March 1.

There are two types of business licenses:
Home business – located in the home
Commercial business – located in a commercial zone
The license fee for commercial businesses is $50.00/year.
The license fee for home businesses is $25.00/year.

Solicitors and Peddlers, Transient or Itinerant businesses also require a special application form (see below).

Solicitor Registration Packet

Peddler, Transient or Itinerant Business License Application

Contact Esther Cowley at 752-9441 ext. 203 for questions about business licensing.

What uses are allowed in my neighborhood

Providence City Code Title 10 Zoning Regulations, Chapter 6 Use Regulations contains the Use Chart. To use the chart, find your area on the Zoning Map. The Zone abbreviations are listed across the top row of the Use Chart. Look down the column for the uses in that zone.