Contact Information:

Cemetery Office Specialist – Esther Cowley 435-752-9441
Cemetery Sexton – Shane Hansen 435-994-0953

For a Providence City Cemetery map, please click here.
For a search of the cemetery, click here.

The Providence City Cemetery is located at 925 River Heights Blvd, River Heights, UT 84321.

Fee Schedule:

All fees are flat rate

Burial Space*


Open/Close Weekday


Open/Close Saturday


Infant Open/Close Weekday


Infant Open/Close Saturday


Cremation Open/Close Weekday**


Cremation Open/Close Saturday**


Certificate Transfer


Upright Headstone Install


Flat Headstone Install


*Purchase of cemetery lot spaces shall be limited to eight (8) spaces per household.

**Two cremations may be placed in a single space.

Only one monument is allowed per space.
No burials are done on Sunday or holidays.
All burials are required to be placed in a vault.

For the City Code relevant to the Cemetery, please click below:

Title 7 Chapter 4 Cemetery

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